Tasting Dates 2018


I run regular tastings through the year, the dates for these events are below.

Please note:

- All tastings start at 8pm
- Prices are per person
- Please avoid wearing perfume ladies/aftershave gents!


Sat 13th Jan The Wines of Southern Italy £25

Mon 15th Jan

Sat 3rd Feb The Wines of South Africa £25
Mon 5th Feb    

Mon 26th Feb

Malt Whisky Tasting £40
Sat 10th Mar The Cabernet Franc and Merlot Grapes £30
Mon 12th Mar    
Mon 19th Mar Malt Whisky Tasting £40
Sat 24th Mar The Top Red and White Wines of Burgundy £100
Sat 21st Apr The Wines of California £30
Mon 23rd Apr    
Sat 12th May New Wines on the Shelves £25
Mon 16th May    
Mon 21st May A Tasting of GINS £30
Sat 9th Jun The Wines from the Mediterranean Islands £30
Mon 11th Jun    
Sat 30th Jun A Tasting of 10 Luxury Champagnes £100
Sat 7th July The Sauvignon Blanc and Voignier Grapes £30
Mon 9th July    
Sat 15th Sep The Wines of Alsace and Beaujolais £25
Mon 17th Sep    
Sat 6th Oct The Wines of Argentina £30
Mon 8th Oct    
Mon 15th Oct A Tasting of GINS £30
Mon 22nd Oct Malt Whisky Tasting £40
Sat 10th Nov The Wines of The Lebanon £30
Mon 12th Nov    
Sat 24th Nov The Best Sweet Wines of the World £100
Mon 26th Nov     Malt Whisky Tasting £40
Sat 8th Dec Christmas Goodies with £10 off any order                                   £40
Sun 9th Dec    
Mon 10th Dec    

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